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Highway to the Danger Zone

  • Registration can be paper mailed no later than October 31 - -609 days left

E-mailed no later than November 8 -
-601 days left (cheques in mail by Oct 31)

 Registration sent (2018 Package) after these dates will not be accepted – register at camp

 Money MUST be sent along with your registration form, Cheque only please

  •  Make cheques payable to:  Scouts Canada - Fraser Valley Council

  • Email registration to:

  • Mail the registration forms and cheques before Oct 31st if its after that just bring it to camp.

    Please do NOT mail cash.

    The mailing address is:


    26153 4 Avenue
    Aldergrove BC
    Canada V4W 2K4

    When you arrive at camp...

  1. if you pre-registered - check in

  2. come fill out/hand in your registration form

  3. give us your money if you haven’t already

  4. have on hand proof of membership and a physical fitness form for each member



$20 per person (early Registration - before Oct. 31st)

$25 per person

* Please do not send cash in the mail!
* Make all cheques payable to:

Scouts Canada – Fraser Valley Council
” *

* Don’t forget to write your GROUP NAME in the memo field if it isn’t a group cheque! *
And As this is a Scouting event no alcohol or nonprescription drugs are allowed.
Any one found under the influence or in possession will have their whole group sent home.



Please read and understand all rules and sign the registration page



·                    NO alcohol or drugs – Anyone suspected of being in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have their whole group sent home. There are NO warnings.

·                   Only members of Scouting or Guiding will be allowed on site (exceptions for parents dropping off and picking up).

·                   All first aid needs to be reported to MedVents in a timely manner.

·                   Stay out of the water

·                   No sleeping in vehicles

·                   All generators should be quiet, far away from any tents and turned off 11pm-6am.

·                   Respect the site – that means pick up after yourself and stay on our sides of all fences

·                   Respect all Rainbucket Staff

·                   NO Fireworks / firecrackers / bear bangers / guns / air-horns / etc

·                   Keep in mind that you are representing your organization, please respect their rules and be a responsible member.



*      Please make sure you bring:

      Registration package and money.

      Health forms for each person

      An advisor

      All your equipment, food and WATER for the whole weekend

      If you want a fire please bring a raised fireplace and your own wood. All fires must leave NO trace

      All your awesome Canadian decorations!


*      Please do NOT bring:

      Illegal drugs/alcohol – There are no warnings, your whole group will go home.

      Fireworks / firecrackers / bear bangers / guns / bullhorns / megaphones / air-horns / etc


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