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Who - Rainbucket is open to any registered member of Venturers, Rovers (yes, Rovers!), Senior Branches, Link members, and Advisors.


Where - Popkum Native Reserve

When - November 18, 19 and 20, 2016

Countdown to 2016

Countdown to Rainbucket 2016!

There are -29 months left till the year Rainbucket 2016!
There are -884 days left till the year Rainbucket 2016!
There are -21205 hours left till the year Rainbucket 2016!
There are -1272340 minutes left till the year Rainbucket 2016!
There are -76340407 seconds left till the year Rainbucket 2016!



Hi everyone! Updates and Reminders!


-Rovers are allowed to attend without a leader.


They must be camping with Rovers only (no Ventures) and will be


 required to check in with staff throughout the weekend.
-Registration before camp - Please bring a SIGNED and PRINTED copy

What – This year’s theme is MAKE RAINBUCKET GREAT AGAIN

Join us for a good time. Sign up for the Olympics and prove you’ve got what it takes; have fun in the mud and dance the night away. 


    Please read and understand all rules and sign the registration page



    ·                    NO alcohol or drugs – Anyone suspected of being in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have their whole group sent home. There are NO warnings.

    ·                   Only members of Scouting or Guiding will be allowed on site (exceptions for parents dropping off and picking up).

    ·                   All first aid needs to be reported to MedVents in a timely manner.

    ·                   Stay out of the water

    ·                   No sleeping in vehicles

    ·                   All generators should be quiet, far away from any tents and turned off 11pm-6am.

    ·                   Respect the site – that means pick up after yourself and stay on our sides of all fences

    ·                   Respect all Rainbucket Staff

    ·                   NO Fireworks / firecrackers / bear bangers / guns / air-horns / etc

    ·                   Keep in mind that you are representing your organization, please respect their rules and be a responsible member.

  • Please do NOT bring:

  •      Illegal drugs/alcohol – There are no warnings, your whole group will go home.

  •       Fireworks / firecrackers / bear bangers / guns / bullhorns / megaphones / air-horns / etc


Arrival - Friday, November 18,


 at 5:00pm

Closing - Sunday, November 20,


at 11:00am

Friday is arrival and set up.

With Saturday morning comes Opening and Rules.

Saturday afternoon brings organized theme activities ending with the evening dance.

Sunday is a quiet day with Closing and Clean up / Clear Out.  






Please note!! 

There is no potable water at the Popkum site.  Please bring sufficient water to supply your group for the period of time you are there.


Also, take note.  There have been sightings of bears in the area, and standard scouting practice while in bear country is required.




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