Off site Scavenger Hunt  . . .

come prepared!!  Prizes



*      Homemade iPhone with unique feature

*      App related costume

*      Angry Bird with eggs

*      Sword from fruit Ninja (No real weapons)

*      Geekiest app on someone’s smartphone

*      Evil pig smashing device

*      Damn you auto correct

*      Best fat face

*      Best pickup line, from an app

*      Oldest cell phone, points for working

*      Phone with the most apps

*      FML

*      I am rich app

*      High score on Hangtime

*      Best of craigslist

*      Real life bubble pop

*      App that proves you are incredibly lazy or reliant on your phone

*      There I fixed it

*      Phone charger

*      Mardi Gras R

*      Wooden A or I

*      Rovents Munt

*      Skeeter Staff Hoodie

*      3 items from old list






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