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 A quick History of Rainbucket  . . .

  • 2009 continues the success started by the new generation of enthusiastic Ventures in the Fraser Valley. 
  •  2008 showed us all that the Rainbucket camp is back.  After almost not happening in 2007, and then this year, a very successful camp, 2008 was a brilliant year.
  •  2007's event was a brilliant success.  Over 350 attended and was a great weekend, a little bot o' mud, and a lot of great Scouting.  Even the sun came out a bit.  Water was great, food was great, company was great.  Lets Git 'R Done in 2008!!
  • Rainbucket was started in 1982 by Rovers from Langley, Chilliwack, and Maple Ridge as a fill in camp between Camp Raven and Rovent.
    Rainbucket has been held in the past at Camp Alburmac 1982-83, Camp Linley 1983-84, Rolley Lake 1985- and Alouette Lake
  •  Rainbucket was run by Fraser Valley Rovers from 1982-84 when Fraser Valley Region decided that the Rover roundtable was only allowed to run two events per year. As the Rover raft race and Fraser Valley Rover moot where very successful at this time Rainbucket was handed to the Venturer forum to continue. In 1991 it was deceided with Fraser Valley Region that the liquor problem at previous Rainbuckets was caused by Rovers and Rovers were no longer welcome.

 Rainbucket 2009 is behind us now.  Let us know your thoughts.  Feedback

  • Rainbucket 2009 i


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